I Just Discovered Phlogging

I just discovered phlogging…don’t know what that is? Blogging…from your phone! I know right?! genius!

This will help me keep you all updated on our house happenings.

Since my last post about a bajillion things have happened.

1. There is beadboard/wainscoting in the downstairs bathroom.

2. We have crown molding in the downstairs bathroom and living room! Holla! That’s considered “high class” around here.

3. I painted Baby’s ceiling and floor, but that’s an entirely different post. If you follow me on instagram or happen to be my friend on the Facebook you have been privileged to receive a sneak peek.

4. I have become a hoarder. Kind of. I feel like it. Basically, I’ve discovered how much I love fixing furniture so I’ve been collecting it and making it cute again. Aaaand I started a blog for this separate adventure at beatnik-barn.blogspot.com ….as if I didn’t have enough blogs already. It’s totally new and this is the first time I’ve actually announced it. There are only three posts right now, but hey. If you like this blog chances are you will like this new one too.

Anyway, let’s try a photo dump with this new phlogging thing shall we? Fair warning: I don’t take very good pics with my phone.







Our House has Guts.

Happy New Year!!!

I don’t really make resolutions for the year. I guess I made one last year, but that mostly involved a “dream board” and getting my husband to fall in love with me. It worked 🙂

This year, I think we both have the same goal(s) even though we haven’t talked about it: Have baby and finish the house. In that order. Twelve days until the ETA! If he is on time…whatev. Moving on!

Our house is starting to look like a house! For the longest time it has just been the skeleton, but now there are pipes and water lines and electrical! Yes! The electrical is all finished!

Mud Room
Looking through the kitchen to My Honeypie wiring the electrical panel.
Dining room/Kitchen
Living room
Living Room
An upstairs picture. My sister-in-law wired the can lights for us. Yay!

 My Honeypie also punched out holes for the plumbing vents and tarred them up…this is what he looked like when he got home:

Apparently his trowel broke, so he used his hands…but I guess gasoline cleans everything off!

You Know How?

You know how there’s that whole part in Beauty and the Beast? Where Beauty is in the library (at the beginning of the movie) on the ladder, and she rolls down the wall of shelves right before she’s about to break into song?


I decided that I want a library ladder…in my kitchen.


I’m a little ahead of myself yet again, but I like to have an idea in my head of what I want! We have almost got everything cleared out enough at our house to start doing the electrical and plumbing. Yay!

Victorian Cottage in New York

My mom sent me this link awhile ago. Every so often I like to go back and look at it. This woman named Sandra Foster transformed this hunting cabin on her property into a beautiful little getaway. Here are a couple of pics:




Make sure you go to the link to see all of the pictures in the slideshow! Love it.

I Can’t Help Dreaming Just a Little Bit.

Thinking grossly in advance here…but one day we are going to build ourselves a porch! Yes! I love, love, love big, wide porches–wide is a must. You must have enough space to put out a couple of chairs or benches and be able to stretch out your feet without them falling off the edge. This isn’t a big deal for me. I’m only 5 foot 2. but for those taller than I…well, let’s just say the porch has to be wide. That is not a fat joke.

Here are some I love:

cottage porch

it's just so wide!

Enjoy the romantic wrap-around porch at Suite Elizabeth at the Victorian Mansion.

cute furniture

front porch

see, this porch is a bit small, but I love the corbels!


Indoor front porch. I *adore* this floor.

Now this is a little bit of what I want--a gorgeous porch with a sweet awesome pergola.

So that’s what I want: a wide front porch with a pergola attached. Possibly with a blue floor. Sigh.

Holla Holla

A special shout-out and huge thanks to the young men and their leaders in our ward!! They did a service project at the house last night and got a lot done. Thank you!! Holla holla. That means “thank you”…at least for today.

Cleaned up the kitchen

Knocked out ceiling in the dining room

knocked out ceiling in the 1st living room

cleaned up the 2nd living room

ripped out the closet

knocked out half of the master bedroom to be ceiling. Also, all of those brown splotches? They are "mud-dobber" (wasp) nests. YIKES!

knocked out closet number two!


and of course, THANK YOU to all of our family who sacrifice their time and energy to help out on our house. All the time! We’ve decided to wait to move in until the house is completely finished…which will be awhile. It has its pros and cons, but I’m still excited about this thing nonetheless.

We also need to think of a name to call our little home. The previous owners named the property “Good-Bye Acres.” Like, wut? No. Horror movie name. No. I keep imagining coming across a bunch of tiny little headstones in our woods. No. No. No. Nonono!! So. We have some time to think about it. Any suggestions?



Holla holla.


Yes, we are still talking about the roof. Here is a picture update of what is happening:

we started early

Dad. Don't worry, he tied himself to the peak 🙂

My Honeypie. Also roped off.


Ammon and Ryan

Notice the rope.

Trimming off some excess.

Starting with the roof jacks. Which are apparently awesome.







Later we took a break and went to our ward pool party. Gotta love his hair 🙂




The Roof is on Fire!

Not literally. We got the rest of the plywood on the house last week before My Honeypie went to Youth Conference. We also ran out of nails for the nail gun and had to hammer the boards old school. I only hit my thumb once!! We asked a couple of people we know who do roofing jobs what it would cost for them to finish our roof. One was too busy with his other projects…and the other said, “I’m not suicidal.” Sooo…it’s us!

Yes, I was allowed up on this part of the roof. It’s not like death if you get on it, which means I felt much more useful! and this way it got done slightly quicker than My Honeypie doing it all by himself. Now there isn’t a bunch of water getting into the house!

My dad is back from work and was able to help My Honeypie put on the trim. We are hoping we can start the shingles by Saturday.

*Fingers crossed*

The rest of us started cleaning out construction debris from the top floor. Yay!

My Honeypie



Yes, we shoveled stuff out the window













Some Man’s Trash…

Is bound to be another’s dream! My husband and I have been married a little over two months and we just bought our first house! Yay! It is an old, two-story Victorian home on five acres, complete with pond, out-buildings, and party barn!

Our new home needs plenty of work…plenty meaning, “The house is a wreck” as quoted by grandpa. But. It is the most beautiful wreck I have ever seen! and we are in love with it. We both love to make “ugly” things pretty again and I think we should share it all with you!

side view of our lovely home

While taking some of our family on a walk through of the house I found this hanging from the ceiling fan:

It’s so cute! and so dirty. and sticky. and that was gross. So I cleaned it up with some soap and water and a scrubbie brush:

Ta-da! Right as rain. I’m still trying to decide if I should paint it.