My Shabby Pumpkins

I got some little, styrofoam pumpkins from the Wal-Mart for $0.97.

Then, I made them pretty!

All covered from scraps and odd-n-ends that I had in my craft tub. I think the blue one is my favo. That’s why it’s sitting on my desk in the library 🙂


I Shall Love You Today

“I shall love you today and tomorrow, my love
And in all the tomorrows there are.
I shall love you as long as there lingers a song,
And the sky has a single star.
In the spring when the wind is a gentle breeze
And the rain and the roses are here;
In the summery days when the friendly rays
Of the golden sun appear;
In the lonely lap of the autumn months
Where the beautiful leaves must fall,
And again in the night when the fields are white
In the folds of their wintry shawl.
I shall love you while ever a mountain stands
And the waves of the ocean pass,
And until the sands of the farthest lands
Have run through the hour-glass.
I shall love you as much as my heart can love
Wherever, my love, you are.
I shall love you as long as there lingers a song,
And the sky has a single star.”
-James J. Metcalfe

This has just become my new favorite poem. It’s so lovely! One of my sisters-in-law just had a baby shower and I used this poem to make a mixed media sumthin’-sumthin’ for her and her little girl on the way.

It started as this

then this…(her girl’s color was purple)

purple frame

and a bunch of this mess (not including the syrup)…

That is why I so need a craft room.

The poem. My Honeypie suggested and carried out the burning of the paper:

Some lace-y type remnants, a button, and a star bead that I’ve had for like, five years. The bead is kinda hard to see, it’s that little gray thing off to the upper left of the button.

And we ended up with this:

Haha, I couldn’t resist. He just didn’t want to be in the picture.

Now, I know these aren’t the best pictures, but I was going to be late and I still had to get my face on! Basically, you get the idea–Mixed media gift poem!


I’m Most Thankful for My Bed.

I was in Primary and our teacher asked us to draw a picture of what we were most thankful for. While other kids were drawing pictures of their families, their pets, their houses, or their cars…I drew a picture of my bed.

Yes. My bed.

Luckily, my parents aren’t easily offended and they thought my picture was hilarious. I actually think they saved it, but I don’t know where it’s at.

***Correction: My parents did not save it because it was on a chalkboard, my dad was totally worried, and I wasn’t in my second grade class like I previously thought. Sometimes I get my “time and space” mixed up. Whatev!

I had never had a bed that sported a headboard until I’d been living on my own for 4 years and finally bought my own bed. Student housing normally came furnished so there was never any need for me to buy one until I decided I had some minimal taste and style.

It looked like this: Except it had little rods in the head piece in place of wooden slats.

Stylish, right? hah. It was forty bucks! Anyway, I painted it black and it became my new favorite bed until I sold it and moved to Missouri.

We currently have a bed that looks like this: Which we got for freeeeeee! I love free.

I also really like our bed. but I also really like different headboards–like ones made of fabrics, or doors, or window frames? Okay, I show you!

Southern Living



BHG. Curtain+curtain rod+markers=headboard!


BHG. Simple and so fun! Could totally DIY.

BHG--Metal scrolls


HGTV. Old sign! We used an old road sign for our dining room table.

Here are some simple ideas for DIY headboards:

Wallpaper headboard framed with molding.

Centsational Girl

DIY shutter headboard:

Savin' Some


For over $1,200???

I’ll take the cheap one thank you.

***Update on the house: everything is knocked down/ripped up/taken out! We have just a little more clean up to do and probably a thousand nails to hammer in. We will be ordering windows soon and My Honeypie will be starting the electrical and plumbing shortly. Yay! Go house! I have do have pictures, but haven’t been anywhere I can upload them yet. So sorry!

Oh My What?

Who knew that part of I-29 was washed away? We sure didn’t! but it made our drive to Utah a little more interesting…if you like two hour detours. There has been crazy flooding in the upper and lower parts of Missouri, missing where we live which is great. We’ve all seen the news with some pictures of the flooding, but we got to see some of it up close before the detour.

That's totally a barn in the middle of a bunch of water.


All blocked off

Not part of the flooding, but totally interesting:

Yup. The tree is inside the silo.

How My Honeypie feels about 2-hour detours

While we were in Utah we went to Deseret Industries (Utah’s version of Goodwill) and I got some sweet awesome chandelier frames:

I want to put pearls on this one...

sally jean chandelier

Similar to this!

...he's wearing my anatomy goggles... 🙂

So cute!

The chandeliers are for my kitchen and hallway…when we actually have walls again 🙂