Lately I’ve Been Trippin’

The past couple weeks we’ve been tripping with my family. We stopped in Utah (where I got to celebrate my birthday!) on our way to California for Reece’s graduation from Marine Corps boot camp. We had a lot of fun seeing friends and family who were able to make time to see us. and we are so proud of our Marine!

After the graduation ceremony

Here are a few pics from our short stop at Mission Beach.




Anyway, before we left, we painted our kitchen and dining room floors. Yes! We did! I looooooove them!

painted striped floors before and after

See that awful cement pad? We have no idea why it’s there. It goes all the way down through the floor to the ground outside. Now it blends!

painted striped floors before and after painted striped floors before and after

We used a porch and floor polyurethane tint-able oil-based paint by Glidden.  So awesome! Because the polyurethane is already in the paint, your paint doesn’t yellow! I might have to re-do Caeden’s room because his turquoise floor (we used a latex paint) got a yellow tint as soon as I put a poly coat on it. Boo!

I also chalked my fridge! With colored chalkboard paint! I had some leftover from a project and was all, hey! Paint the fridge!

colored chalkboard painted fridgeIt’s currently the only Christmas “decoration” we have up right now…we haven’t had time to put up a Christmas tree yet! Stay tuned for more kitchen awesome-ness happening soon!


A Little More Color

One more painted ceiling down!

 This color is by far my favorite. Check it:




“True Turquoise.”

I am so loving it.

At the suggestions of my little sister and sister-in-law, I am going to paint all of the ceilings in a color of the rainbow. Don’t worry, some will still be white.

I decided to paint the entry way ceiling a green, and the craft room ceiling a light lavender.  Then our house will be a rainbow for real!

Also, my awesome brother-in-law came and helped My Honeypie do this:


We have kitchen cabinets!

I know this isn’t typically how a piece like this is used…I’m pretty sure they are used on top of another set of cabinets, but it works this way for us. Plus, our kitchen is going to kind of be a mess of different cabinets as we piece the kitchen together. No matter! I’m painting them all anyway. Of course.

Paint all the things!!!

I’ll Take You to the Candy Shop

Sheetrock upstairs: hung! and ready for mudding and taping. 

I have no pictures for it, but I will. I did have a video, but turns out this site wants me to pay to upgrade so I can add it. 


But that’s what you get when you get free stuff? I don’t know. Whatever. You will just have to live without my video. 

Also, Kitchen: sheetrock; hung! ready for mudding and taping. I LOVE IT!! It looks soo good! My husband is amazing. 

I have decided I want my kitchen to look like a candy shop. Yes. I do. and it will. You can see all of my inspirations for it here:



I just want to post some “before” and “middle” pictures. We aren’t to the “after” yet, but hey. We’ve got pictures of the skeleton! Considering it has been just a little over three months since we bought the house I think we’re doing pretty good. *Pat self on back* yay!

Heads up: This is a super long post, mostly filled with pictures. Enjoy!

The Living Room:



The Other Living Room:



The Bathroom:



We also extended the bathroom by about a foot so the tub won’t be crammed into the wall like it is in the “before” picture.

The Dining Room:



We knocked out the wall dividing the kitchen and dining room to make it one big room. (see second picture below!)

The Kitchen:



We extended the ceiling and it feels so open!

before (wall dividing kitchen and dining room)

now-same pic as above, I know, but just so we all have a visual.




We will be putting the wall back to recreate the 4th bedroom, but the door will go through the kitchen/dining area instead of through the mudroom. We had to take out the “before” wall to rip up all the rotting particle board. (ew.) Now we just have to sheet over this floor so we can eventually tile.

Bedroom 1:



Yes, My Honeypie is trying to blend in with the wall. We ripped out the closet and we will build built-in bunk beds where the closet used to be. Don’t worry people, we are putting in a closet again, just somewhere else. Stand by.



Let me explain what this is. That thing in the middle of the room is the second bathroom we are adding in. To the left is where we will replace the closet we took out. I don’t have a picture of the whole room (durh), but it is still a very decent sized room. yay!

Bedroom 2:



in between the "before" and the "now"


Our bathroom! I am so very excited for this. Very.

Bedroom 3:



We are moving right along!

To Paint, or No?

I *love* painted wood! If I recall correctly, which most of the time I don’t, my dad hates painting wood. So for all of you wood-loving-paint-haters I want to give you a heads up: I WILL be painting the wood in our house. Yes. I will. Yes, that does include this:

Okay, everyone take a breath.



Moving on. My sister-in-law sent me this link for a cute kitchen floor idea.

Checked floor! Very fun and vintage. I had already contemplated the idea of painting our porch floor when we build it. I have also contemplated painting one of the “kid” bedroom floors (I haven’t told My Honeypie yet, all of my ‘awesome’ ideas are sometimes a bit overwhelming)–but painting the kitchen floor didn’t occur to me yet. Maybe it would make it extra fabulous with the high ceiling, library ladder, and chandelier(s?).

I’m kinda liking these:

REALLY loving this

How to is here.

Liking the lace look...

How totally cool would it be to have a version of the above picture, but with like, “I Spy” things in it? Like little birds and feathers and raindrops and flowers and hourglasses and rainbows and little unicorns???! See, these are my awesome ideas I try to keep to myself because I think My Honeypie’s would stare at me and say something sweet like, “That sounds great, but we don’t have any walls yet…” and then I’m like, “Oh yeah, well just remember it.”

Look how blue!

Not a fan of concrete floors, but I love the design on this one:

and it would look just as lovely on a wood floor!

So…the question is this: to paint the floor, or no??



Kitchen Storage

I heart BHG. and I love awesome storage/organizational solutions! Check some of these out:

Pull out storage:

They all look so neat and so clean.

Hide-away storage:

Way cool, because microwaves always end up looking nasty.

Perfect. I hate when my trash is out in the open. Gross.

Knife storage:

knife storage

The coolest pantry ever:

It has multiple layers!! How cool is that?