Lately I’ve Been Trippin’

The past couple weeks we’ve been tripping with my family. We stopped in Utah (where I got to celebrate my birthday!) on our way to California for Reece’s graduation from Marine Corps boot camp. We had a lot of fun seeing friends and family who were able to make time to see us. and we are so proud of our Marine!

After the graduation ceremony

Here are a few pics from our short stop at Mission Beach.




Anyway, before we left, we painted our kitchen and dining room floors. Yes! We did! I looooooove them!

painted striped floors before and after

See that awful cement pad? We have no idea why it’s there. It goes all the way down through the floor to the ground outside. Now it blends!

painted striped floors before and after painted striped floors before and after

We used a porch and floor polyurethane tint-able oil-based paint by Glidden.  So awesome! Because the polyurethane is already in the paint, your paint doesn’t yellow! I might have to re-do Caeden’s room because his turquoise floor (we used a latex paint) got a yellow tint as soon as I put a poly coat on it. Boo!

I also chalked my fridge! With colored chalkboard paint! I had some leftover from a project and was all, hey! Paint the fridge!

colored chalkboard painted fridgeIt’s currently the only Christmas “decoration” we have up right now…we haven’t had time to put up a Christmas tree yet! Stay tuned for more kitchen awesome-ness happening soon!


Oh, Hey

We are still here! We just don’t have much to say in the way of our house–it’s a little bit slow! but I did finally finish my bar stools that I bought a year ago. They were fiddy cents each so I swooped them. This is what they looked like before:

Ew. This is what they look like now!


Anyway, don’t worry, I’ll let you all know when we start being awesome again 🙂

With a Blue Little Window

and a blue corvette… I think my favorite color is blue, but this is only a recent discovery. I think. I’m not really sure. For the past couple of years when people are all like, “What’s your favorite color?” I say, “blue…and yellow…and some greens…and Pink! and…” basically, I love a rainbow.

But I also love white. I actually knew a guy whose favorite color really was (Is?) white. huh.

Anyway. You already know I’m a paint snob, so we got some white that I like for our room.

We broke the Sabbath and painted it yesterday:

and today I painted the bathrooms:



Just so you know, I didn’t forget to paint half the bathroom–we will be putting up bead board! and let me explain our sink situation: We got two pedestal sinks for free, but neither of them had the pedestals. We wanted storage, but pedestals don’t allow for storage, so we improvised and bought this vanity for five bucks, and stuck the sink on top of it. Yes! Personally, I love it–I’m going to paint the vanity tomorrow. BLUE!