I’ve Been Super Lazy

Kind of. I’ve only been lazy in the sense of neglecting this blog. Again. I get side tracked with being awesome over here. Prepare for a major photo dump of everything you have(n’t) been missing.

A couple of weeks ago our wood stove was here:


Then we both decided we hated it and moved it here:



We like it much mo’ betta! There’s even smoke coming out of the chimney like it’s supposed to! We used the left over tile/scraps from our bathroom floor/shower upstairs. You’ll get pictures of that later…Like when I decide to clean up the disaster in there.

Also, I’m about to show you pics of Caeden’s “nursery”. It’s still unfinished, but finished-ish enough that you can see it. Ready?






There it is. It’s still missing a few key things…like a door, window trim, crown molding, and baseboards. Oh, and a super sweet awesome rug like this:

but not so shaggy looking, or so fetching expensive. Ugh. I think I want a braided circle rug in this color. Yes…yes.