Hey Look, a Picture

Hey look, we [read My Honeypie] started putting in a wood stove for us.

He’s so good.


No Country for Old Men

Today the first few hours of my morning consisted of its usual routine: waking up, being mom-ish, taking pictures, going hiking with my siblings/baby in the pack, and being in a general state of awesome.

I went outside to cut some goldenrod I found and came across a three foot long black snake. Now, if you remember, we had a pretty big snake living in our house. I think it died in the attic from eating poison mice or escaped. I never showed you the scary picture I took of it trying to leave:

Anyway, this snake was not the same snake, or maybe it was, but I stared at it for a good forty seconds trying to decide whether to let it live and chance it making home in my house, or chopping it’s head off with my herb scissors. Ultimately, I chose the latter.


I’m tired of finding critters in my house. Like the garden snake I found the other day. Sorry, no picture of that. One of the reasons I loved Big Blue was because she scared all the “things” away. Sigh. Oh well. Turns out this is no country for old men. Or squeamish little girls.

The Outside

{phlogging} Sad things happened this week…well just one sad thing for us mostly. Our mastador, (black lab/mastiff) Big Blue, got run over by a truck and died. Sad face. But even though we miss her she is now safe in doggie heaven.

Also, I don’t know if you remember all the trash on the sides of our house…but I do. Guess what: it’s all cleaned up now!! A neighbor let us borrow a bobcat and My Honeypie got it all picked up and in the trash pile in the back. You should see it. It have to be cleaned after we burn it…it’s like we have our own dump yard.









I Just Discovered Phlogging

I just discovered phlogging…don’t know what that is? Blogging…from your phone! I know right?! genius!

This will help me keep you all updated on our house happenings.

Since my last post about a bajillion things have happened.

1. There is beadboard/wainscoting in the downstairs bathroom.

2. We have crown molding in the downstairs bathroom and living room! Holla! That’s considered “high class” around here.

3. I painted Baby’s ceiling and floor, but that’s an entirely different post. If you follow me on instagram or happen to be my friend on the Facebook you have been privileged to receive a sneak peek.

4. I have become a hoarder. Kind of. I feel like it. Basically, I’ve discovered how much I love fixing furniture so I’ve been collecting it and making it cute again. Aaaand I started a blog for this separate adventure at beatnik-barn.blogspot.com ….as if I didn’t have enough blogs already. It’s totally new and this is the first time I’ve actually announced it. There are only three posts right now, but hey. If you like this blog chances are you will like this new one too.

Anyway, let’s try a photo dump with this new phlogging thing shall we? Fair warning: I don’t take very good pics with my phone.






Another Chair Makeover

Remember this chair? Well I made a friend for it.

I got the chair on the left for five dollars from a place in Kansas City called Bella Patina–the poor thing had no seat! So of course My Honeypie fixed it up and I covered it and ta-da! Two “matching” chairs. You know how awesome I am at taking before pictures, so of course, I didn’t get one of the chair. But you can’t be five bucks!

Reading Room in Progress





I’ve been so busy taking pictures for Hints Photos and putting it on a different blog, that I haven’t had a chance to update this blog. So I’m finally getting on it!

Welcome to our Reading Room!

Anyway, I want to share an awesome idea My Honeypie had.

See this picture? There is a stupid breaker box in the middle of everything. Unsightly.

My Honeypie saw this mirror at a yard sale:

And had the brilliant idea to use it for this:


mirror over breaker box

A ten dollar fix and no more nasty breaker box! He just hung it right up and we can take it down if we need to get into it. Brilliant!

and I painted our door my mom‘s favorite color!

{Also you can follow my Reading Room board on Pinterest!}


Oh, Hey

We are still here! We just don’t have much to say in the way of our house–it’s a little bit slow! but I did finally finish my bar stools that I bought a year ago. They were fiddy cents each so I swooped them. This is what they looked like before:

Ew. This is what they look like now!


Anyway, don’t worry, I’ll let you all know when we start being awesome again 🙂

Proof that I Work

We finally have some proof that I actually work on the house sometimes. See my foot?

Just kidding. There is a real picture, but I look really scary. I am not ashamed, kind of, so I will share.

Using vegetable oil and vinegar to bring the floor back to life again.

Ta-da! We had just gotten back from swimming at my parent’s house. Holla!

Anyway, last night My Honeypie did a coat of poly on the floor. Check it out: