Lately I’ve Been Trippin’

The past couple weeks we’ve been tripping with my family. We stopped in Utah (where I got to celebrate my birthday!) on our way to California for Reece’s graduation from Marine Corps boot camp. We had a lot of fun seeing friends and family who were able to make time to see us. and we are so proud of our Marine!

After the graduation ceremony

Here are a few pics from our short stop at Mission Beach.




Anyway, before we left, we painted our kitchen and dining room floors. Yes! We did! I looooooove them!

painted striped floors before and after

See that awful cement pad? We have no idea why it’s there. It goes all the way down through the floor to the ground outside. Now it blends!

painted striped floors before and after painted striped floors before and after

We used a porch and floor polyurethane tint-able oil-based paint by Glidden.  So awesome! Because the polyurethane is already in the paint, your paint doesn’t yellow! I might have to re-do Caeden’s room because his turquoise floor (we used a latex paint) got a yellow tint as soon as I put a poly coat on it. Boo!

I also chalked my fridge! With colored chalkboard paint! I had some leftover from a project and was all, hey! Paint the fridge!

colored chalkboard painted fridgeIt’s currently the only Christmas “decoration” we have up right now…we haven’t had time to put up a Christmas tree yet! Stay tuned for more kitchen awesome-ness happening soon!


We Changed our Minds

{phlogging} Hey remember how we started our wood stove last week? We changed our minds and decided to put it somewhere else. It just works better this way. Next week we will punch it through the roof!


Reading Room in Progress





I’ve been so busy taking pictures for Hints Photos and putting it on a different blog, that I haven’t had a chance to update this blog. So I’m finally getting on it!

Welcome to our Reading Room!

Anyway, I want to share an awesome idea My Honeypie had.

See this picture? There is a stupid breaker box in the middle of everything. Unsightly.

My Honeypie saw this mirror at a yard sale:

And had the brilliant idea to use it for this:


mirror over breaker box

A ten dollar fix and no more nasty breaker box! He just hung it right up and we can take it down if we need to get into it. Brilliant!

and I painted our door my mom‘s favorite color!

{Also you can follow my Reading Room board on Pinterest!}


Oh, Hey

We are still here! We just don’t have much to say in the way of our house–it’s a little bit slow! but I did finally finish my bar stools that I bought a year ago. They were fiddy cents each so I swooped them. This is what they looked like before:

Ew. This is what they look like now!


Anyway, don’t worry, I’ll let you all know when we start being awesome again 🙂

Proof that I Work

We finally have some proof that I actually work on the house sometimes. See my foot?

Just kidding. There is a real picture, but I look really scary. I am not ashamed, kind of, so I will share.

Using vegetable oil and vinegar to bring the floor back to life again.

Ta-da! We had just gotten back from swimming at my parent’s house. Holla!

Anyway, last night My Honeypie did a coat of poly on the floor. Check it out:


I Got an Old Chair: Makeover!

Yesterday, My Honeypie came home and handed me some dollars and I was like, “what’s this for?” and he told me, “[insert inappropriate joke].”


He just told me it was for me. Awwww. Spoiled!

You want to know what I did with that money? I went to the antique store in Hamilton, duh.

Oh, yes I did. and I bought a wooden chair for ten bucks. It looked like this:

Now it looks like this!

OMGOSH!! Is it wrong to totally love what you, yourself, just accomplished? Cuz I totally do. I looove it!

I love it so much that I risked getting ticks to give my chair a photo opportunity:

I decided this is for my craft room. Until then it shall remain…everywhere.

I’m Awesome.

Dude, no you’re not–don’t lie!


Contrary to what it may seem, I don’t spend all my time on Facebook. I also spend all of my time on Pinterest.

Just kidding.

I don’t do that either. I do this thing called “motherhood”, and I also make my husband awesome.

Just kidding.

He’s already awesome. I spend most of my day trying to be a little more awesome than usual.

Today my awesome-ness consisted of this:

in process

I used a tip I found on Pinterest (yeah) and used vegetable oil and vinegar to bring our dying floor back to life!


you can see where I haven’t done yet under the white thingy


Yay! I can actually walk on the floor barefoot without getting nasty dust on my feet!



We got to sleep in our bedroom last night!! Yay! If you don’t remember what it looked like before:



I still have to paint our other dresser. They will sit side by side.

We also added a small bathroom. It’s not finished, but here is a preview:


Wall for sink and claw foot tub (that is still sitting out in the yard waiting to be painted...oops)

You know what it is.

The shower!

So excited! Moving on…

So happy! Not completely finished, but hey. It’s closer every day! Woop!

Piano Preview!

I cannot help myself. Remember how I got this piano for free? Well, I stripped and sanded it (repeat like, 5 times) and then I painted it blue. I love it! But it also means you can see all of the little imperfections in my stripping/sanding job. So I decided to add some little details. It’s going to take awhile to be finished and I just can’t wait to share so…here we are.

Roses! Did you know that the rose is the national flower of the United States? Who knew?!

Yes, I am hand painting them. I couldn’t find a stencil that I liked or one that was big enough and I didn’t feel like trying to make five different ones. Basically, I just printed some roses off the inter web and traced them onto the piano. It’s working out thus far. Those four roses only took me a good two and a half hours…yeah. It’s going to be awhile…but I am so excited!