Turning 25 Bucket List

Sometimes turning 25 freaks me out. Other times I’m all, “I’m going to own this twenty-five ish…” and then I wonder how one owns being twenty-five. I decided to make a list of 25 things to do the year I am twenty-five.

  1. Raise some chicks. Like, chickens. 
  2. Finish an interior decorating course.
  3. Learn how to use a nail gun without being afraid.
  4. Learn to change the oil in my jeep.
  5. Use a chainsaw.
  6. Wake up baby and with Honeypie and take him to look at stars.
  7. Build somethin’ cool.
  8. Plant a food garden.
  9. Plant a flower garden.
  10. Go camping.
  11. Dye my hair. Maybe 🙂
  12. Write a new song.
  13. Go to the zoo. In Nebraska!
  14. Be a “Women Build” or “One-day Build” volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.
  15. Get my CCW before I can’t anymore. Oh ps Missouri friends; I have a class scheduled for January 12, 2013 at nine. If you want in, let me know. Guns and ammo provided!
  16. Understand politics. As of now, my 13 and 12 year old sisters know more about politics than I do. WuuT?
  17. Build a snowman. If it snows this year. The first year I moved to Missouri I’m pretty sure there were at least three blizzards and countless “snow advisory” warnings. There was so.much.snow. Last year? I swear it only snowed once and it was only half an inch. I was totally okay with that because I didn’t want to run around being pregnant/with a newborn in the snow. Also, the last time I think I built a snowman was in high school at my high school, during lunch. I told my friends not to kick it down like they wanted to…but they did. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!
  18. Make money for a mini moo! if you don’t know what those are you should. LOOK!

    This Jersey cow is grown!

  19. Be able to do 40 “man” push ups. I used to be able to do that. It WILL happen again.
  20. Get a new puppy and make sure it never gets run over by a truck. *@#%&#!
  21. Fill the frames on our wall with pictures.
  22. Paint our stairs.

    lyrical stairs. i love them.

  23. Paint the outside of our house. I’m thinking along the lines of gray. White attracts too many bugs, and I can’t have a pink house. 
  24. Learn alternative/natural/home medicine
  25. Get our food storage done. You know, for the zombie apocalypse.

5 thoughts on “Turning 25 Bucket List

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