{phlogging}You should just see a couple things right this minute. You’ll see more later this week!





I’m Not a Real Artist

I’m not a real artist, but I like painted pictures. The only thing is, my pictures look like they were drawn by a five year old. I’m okay with it.

Whenever we have leftover whatever, I’m always like, “Keep that, I might want it later.” I feel like a hoarder. But really, I might use it later. DON’T THROW IT AWAY! My Honeypie has learned to keep just about everything. Yay!

We had some leftover scrap wood, I had some spare time on my hands (wut?), and I thought to myself, “Self, let’s paint a picture.”

I didn’t like the way they lines ended up, so I added a small one. If I had been thinking ahead, I would have done three even lines in the first place. It is what it is.

Super simple!

I liked this one a lot, so I made another one the next day, but less involved. Kind of.

This time I painted the whole board white.

I made a “stencil” out of a file folder, taped it on the wood, sprayed it with Krylon metallic spray paint and bam. Instant cloud. Then I hand painted some pretty, kindergarten-esque raindrops.

They are going to live in our room…which is currently undergoing some furniture awesomeness. Stay tuned!



I’ve Been Super Lazy

Kind of. I’ve only been lazy in the sense of neglecting this blog. Again. I get side tracked with being awesome over here. Prepare for a major photo dump of everything you have(n’t) been missing.

A couple of weeks ago our wood stove was here:


Then we both decided we hated it and moved it here:



We like it much mo’ betta! There’s even smoke coming out of the chimney like it’s supposed to! We used the left over tile/scraps from our bathroom floor/shower upstairs. You’ll get pictures of that later…Like when I decide to clean up the disaster in there.

Also, I’m about to show you pics of Caeden’s “nursery”. It’s still unfinished, but finished-ish enough that you can see it. Ready?






There it is. It’s still missing a few key things…like a door, window trim, crown molding, and baseboards. Oh, and a super sweet awesome rug like this:

but not so shaggy looking, or so fetching expensive. Ugh. I think I want a braided circle rug in this color. Yes…yes.