I Got an Old Chair: Makeover!

Yesterday, My Honeypie came home and handed me some dollars and I was like, “what’s this for?” and he told me, “[insert inappropriate joke].”


He just told me it was for me. Awwww. Spoiled!

You want to know what I did with that money? I went to the antique store in Hamilton, duh.

Oh, yes I did. and I bought a wooden chair for ten bucks. It looked like this:

Now it looks like this!

OMGOSH!! Is it wrong to totally love what you, yourself, just accomplished? Cuz I totally do. I looove it!

I love it so much that I risked getting ticks to give my chair a photo opportunity:

I decided this is for my craft room. Until then it shall remain…everywhere.


3 thoughts on “I Got an Old Chair: Makeover!

  1. Wonderful! Gorgeous! Loverly! Absolutely nothing wrong with tootling your own horn when you pull off something this amazing. Tell Mr. Honeypie that he will always get a return on his investments in you. 😀

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