I know right?

The other day My Honeypie and I had a conversation that went something like this:

[In the kitchen]

Honeypie: You know, I guess you will have a lot of counter space. 

Me: I know. 

Honeypie: You could actually probably fit an island here too, if you wanted. 

Me: I know. 

Honeypie: But I already told you when you asked before that you didn’t have room…

Me: I know…but I knew you were wrong so I was planning on having one anyway.  


My goal this summer is to find something with which I can make an awesome island. There are two great things I have discovered about Missouri:

1. The-Day-Before-Trash-Pick-Up-Day

Why? People get rid of the most awesome junk!

2. Garage Sales.

Why? People get rid of the most awesome junk for cheap!

and then you’re like, “all that really needs is some paint…” and BOOM. Beautiful

So all I need to do this summer is find something like this:

or this

or this:

and make it awesome!


With a Blue Little Window

and a blue corvette… I think my favorite color is blue, but this is only a recent discovery. I think. I’m not really sure. For the past couple of years when people are all like, “What’s your favorite color?” I say, “blue…and yellow…and some greens…and Pink! and…” basically, I love a rainbow.

But I also love white. I actually knew a guy whose favorite color really was (Is?) white. huh.

Anyway. You already know I’m a paint snob, so we got some white that I like for our room.

We broke the Sabbath and painted it yesterday:

and today I painted the bathrooms:



Just so you know, I didn’t forget to paint half the bathroom–we will be putting up bead board! and let me explain our sink situation: We got two pedestal sinks for free, but neither of them had the pedestals. We wanted storage, but pedestals don’t allow for storage, so we improvised and bought this vanity for five bucks, and stuck the sink on top of it. Yes! Personally, I love it–I’m going to paint the vanity tomorrow. BLUE!

Fetch Yes.




We will be moving into our house!

*Jump in my hoopty hoopty hoop* <–celebratory dance.

I’ve been working the [paint] pole for the past week or so (along with my sister-in-law, Ruth). I am happy to announce that two rooms upstairs are fully painted! Don’t get too excited, they are just “antique white” for now.

 I will admit that I am a super huge paint snob and *hated* the paint when I put it on the wall cuz it looked yellow.  I mostly got over it cuz My Honeypie told me that I didn’t have to paint our room that color, and it looks fine in the pictures, so whatever.

Photo Dump!

Baby's room

A plan is formulating in my head for his room–I’m thinking blue/orange stripes and cute little jungle animals to match the quilt I made him.


Girl room

Also, if you didn’t know already, my little sister Cassie found this supa huge snake upstairs in our ‘master bedroom’. She came running out of the room into the teeny hallway and said, “ALISHA! There’s a snake in your room!”

I thought she just saw the end of a mouse’s tail or something, because we’ve seen them running around and they leave their little paw prints in the sheetrock dust. (If you’re gonna be up in someone’s house like that, you need to erase the evidence. Stupid rodents.)

Anyway, so I walk in there and BOOM! Four foot long black snake. WtHEck? I used to pick up snakes all the time in Utah because I knew which ones were okay…except for that one time I accidently picked up a baby rattlesnake. Whatevs. I don’t pick snakes up here. Until I learn them! Turns out black snakes aren’t poisonous, but they are fetching huge. And they like mice which we guess that’s why it was in the house.

He was so not happy to be picking that up

Seriously though? Ticks freak me out way worse than snakes. WAY. I have to wear rubber gloves and hold my breath when I try and get them off our dog. They are disgusting, parasitic, greedy, little arachnids and I feel like they’re crawling all over me whenever I talk about them. So I’m done. Bleh.

Rumor has it…

Rumor has it he’s the one I’m leaving you for.

What? My Honeypie had a dream last night that I left him for Akon. No chance, you’re stuck with me. Then I had a dream I died. Wth? Yeah. Whatever, I’m still here. Lucky you 🙂

Good news!
Rumor has it that I will be able to start painting this weekend!!!

Selena is probably dying with excitement right now. She’s always asking me what colors I’m going to paint our rooms and I’m always like, “I don’t know…” but I do know this: for now it will just be white primer.

*Collective sigh of sadness*

But we can deal with that. I just wanna be our house!

Back to Selena. I want to share a picture that stemmed from one of our text convos.

chalez whatevers.

The context of said conversation I will leave up to Selena. but I just wanted to share.

Now, back to the house. Progress!

I will put up pictures of our mudding success later. Like after I paint 🙂

But I forgot to talk about this last time–


It’s like a tiny closet, but chalez whatevers.

This is what it looks like

So the previous owners added on this tiny, little, closet room to the front of the house, and then covered the siding with sheetrock which we found by ripping the sheetrock off. And I loved the exposed siding so we are keeping it that way. After I clean it (and deal with more pressing matters) we are going to put up mismatched knobs and stuff for people to hang their coats and purses.

Like this:

So excited!

Also. Jesus loves us and we got two *free* toilets!! Boom! Money saved! Toilets going in next week. Special thanks to Leila for picking them up 🙂