We have all of the downstairs sheetrocked except for the ceilings…and mudroom I think.


I have no new pictures to show of the house. But I do have pictures of us getting [hopefully] the rest of our insulation.

i think his eyes are closed?

aaand the sunset as we were driving to the Home Depot. So sad it's blurry!

So we kind of cheated on Home Depot and ordered our tile from Lowes.

It looks like this:

I forgot to take a picture of the tile when we ordered it…so this is just what I found on the internet. I am so exicted!!


L-U-V You Wanna?

You wanna see picturrs?

Jacob, My Honeypie, and los missionaries

Ryan and Wayne--TWINNERS!

Dining room

Dining room


Other living room

Those are just a few–basically, the downstairs is halfway done!!


This poor little blog has been neglected, but not forgotten! Here is why:

I gave birth!

El Bebe is now a month old. Yay!

I also started a business with a company called Isagenix. I’m so stoked to work when I want, wherever I want, and with whoever I want!

Now. The house. Not neglected or forgotten. Here’s what’s up:


Kitchen/Dining Room

4th Bedroom

Dining Room to Kitchen

Downstairs bathroom

Other view

Other living room

Bedroom 1


It’s not all insulated yet, but it is progress!

and tomorrow we will be getting Sheetrock.