Our House has Guts.

Happy New Year!!!

I don’t really make resolutions for the year. I guess I made one last year, but that mostly involved a “dream board” and getting my husband to fall in love with me. It worked 🙂

This year, I think we both have the same goal(s) even though we haven’t talked about it: Have baby and finish the house. In that order. Twelve days until the ETA! If he is on time…whatev. Moving on!

Our house is starting to look like a house! For the longest time it has just been the skeleton, but now there are pipes and water lines and electrical! Yes! The electrical is all finished!

Mud Room
Looking through the kitchen to My Honeypie wiring the electrical panel.
Dining room/Kitchen
Living room
Living Room
An upstairs picture. My sister-in-law wired the can lights for us. Yay!

 My Honeypie also punched out holes for the plumbing vents and tarred them up…this is what he looked like when he got home:

Apparently his trowel broke, so he used his hands…but I guess gasoline cleans everything off!


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