Best. Ever.

This week I have found the best time-wasting websites EVER! (aside from Pinterest that is).

They are:
where you can do stuff like this:

Put together outfits! Online! I heart clothes and design!

and the Color Selector from Valspar at Lowes.

I’ve been making outfits and painting houses all week.

With the color selector you can virtually paint rooms (haven’t tried this yet) or choose a type of house and paint the exterior! (have tried this–so fun!)

Our house is an old Victorian, so I chose one of their three pictures and went nuts.

I absolutely love these, but I’m not sure if My Honeypie would go for any of them:

"Sea Tickle"

"Coral Banks"

"Chalk Pink"

"Glacier Ice"

Some more mellow ideas:

"Italian Ice"

"Ivory Brown"

"Antique Blue"

"Cinema Screen"


"Roasted Chestnut"

"Watermelon Slice"

"Iced Berry"

"Bright Red"-Fourth of July house!

"Amber Rose"

Now, I know I previously said that we already chose the paint colors we want for our house…but I may have changed my mind 🙂


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