Master Bath Layout

Normally when I think of a master bathroom I think of this:You know, something that is as big as your child’s room. but, seriously, how much time do you really spend in the bathroom?

Our master bath is going to be a lot smaller than this, but I am so excited. Excited to have an extra bathroom in our currently one bath home and excited that it will not only be upstairs, but attached to our bedroom! Yay!

Here is the layout:

master bath

It’s an 8×8 room complete with toilet (duh!), sink, walk-in shower, and the claw foot tub that came with the house. Speaking of the tub I’m in the process of making it pretty. Double yay!

To save precious floor space in the bathroom and our room we decided to go with a door like this:

Yes!! We have plenty of old doors to do this with as well. We think we will have it slide in next to the toilet so that we can have more wall space for pictures and stuff in our room.

Oh, and I’m totally stoked to pick out a shower head or two.

why is this so much money?!

maybe two?

I am liking this one a lot.

and I just found this cool site: Plumbing Overstock. Oh Yeah!

If you’re remodeling or thinking about changing your fixtures here is another site.


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