To Paint, or No?

I *love* painted wood! If I recall correctly, which most of the time I don’t, my dad hates painting wood. So for all of you wood-loving-paint-haters I want to give you a heads up: I WILL be painting the wood in our house. Yes. I will. Yes, that does include this:

Okay, everyone take a breath.



Moving on. My sister-in-law sent me this link for a cute kitchen floor idea.

Checked floor! Very fun and vintage. I had already contemplated the idea of painting our porch floor when we build it. I have also contemplated painting one of the “kid” bedroom floors (I haven’t told My Honeypie yet, all of my ‘awesome’ ideas are sometimes a bit overwhelming)–but painting the kitchen floor didn’t occur to me yet. Maybe it would make it extra fabulous with the high ceiling, library ladder, and chandelier(s?).

I’m kinda liking these:

REALLY loving this

How to is here.

Liking the lace look...

How totally cool would it be to have a version of the above picture, but with like, “I Spy” things in it? Like little birds and feathers and raindrops and flowers and hourglasses and rainbows and little unicorns???! See, these are my awesome ideas I try to keep to myself because I think My Honeypie’s would stare at me and say something sweet like, “That sounds great, but we don’t have any walls yet…” and then I’m like, “Oh yeah, well just remember it.”

Look how blue!

Not a fan of concrete floors, but I love the design on this one:

and it would look just as lovely on a wood floor!

So…the question is this: to paint the floor, or no??




7 thoughts on “To Paint, or No?

  1. The only problem with painting a floor is if you drag a chair across it too many times, it’ll eventually come up. I’ve seen even epoxy floor paint do that. So you’ll want to make sure that you cover it with some sort of clear epoxy as well…which will raise the price, but also make it last a LOT longer. Otherwise, painting the floor is an AWESOME idea.

    Oh and speaking of painted wood. I watched on HGTV once where they made a wood wall and then mixed water and primer together to make the “paint”. After they painted the wood, the wall had this really rustic, “driftwood” feel to it. SUPER pretty.

  2. I have seen what Selena is talking about. I vote no paint on the whole floor but a paint stencils in places. I do like that last one in etched concrete. Anyway, that’s my vote.

  3. It’s all so beautiful, and the possabilities for creativity and personalization are endless. I second the idea of sealing and epoxy-ing whatever you do, though. Those Galbraiths are really hard on floors! (There is a reason our m-i-l opted for concrete, just saying.)

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