iHeart Fall.

Guess what…I got another flat tire!! Right after I got brand new ones put on. Yay! A nice man on his way home from work this morning helped me change it before my brother could even get there.

Moving on.

I love Fall.

I fully believe the seasons should be as follows:

Winter: December. Only December.
Spring: January to June
Summer: July. Just July.
Fall: August to November.

I’ve never done much fall decorating. In Utah I just looked up at the mountains and they were all sorts of yellow, orange, red, purple, and green looking so I never felt the need. I’m not sure how fall really looks here in Missouri. So far, it’s mostly like dried corn stalks.

Anyway, I was wandering around Far West yesterday and picked up a handful of acorns. Mostly because they’re cute, but then I thought I could paint them as part of a fall-type decoration. I perused and found some acorn love:

You can never have too many candles.

so cute!!

Felt acorns on the chandelier

Felt acorns in a bowl

Painted Jack-o-Lantern acorns! Cute.

Painted acorns with a simple DIY. I love how shiny they are!

Blue acorns! also with a DIY

Felt acorn chimes

Fall acorn family! I think they made them into magnets.

I'm pretty sure they're wood, but they are so cute!

For Christmas even!


4 thoughts on “iHeart Fall.

  1. I love the bright blue painted ones! they are super cute. I think I would end up spraying mine bronze and gold and such. Maybe orange for halloween. Orange and black!!! And then for christmas spray paint pinecones gold, silver, green, and red! Yes!

  2. Oh! these are SO CUTE! We live around a lot of oak trees, so I’m going to show my girls all your fun ideas, and they are going to go hog wild. I can feel it in my bones.

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