Oh My What?

Who knew that part of I-29 was washed away? We sure didn’t! but it made our drive to Utah a little more interesting…if you like two hour detours. There has been crazy flooding in the upper and lower parts of Missouri, missing where we live which is great. We’ve all seen the news with some pictures of the flooding, but we got to see some of it up close before the detour.

That's totally a barn in the middle of a bunch of water.


All blocked off

Not part of the flooding, but totally interesting:

Yup. The tree is inside the silo.

How My Honeypie feels about 2-hour detours

While we were in Utah we went to Deseret Industries (Utah’s version of Goodwill) and I got some sweet awesome chandelier frames:

I want to put pearls on this one...

sally jean chandelier

Similar to this!

...he's wearing my anatomy goggles... 🙂

So cute!

The chandeliers are for my kitchen and hallway…when we actually have walls again 🙂









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