Sometimes…actually, a lot of times people ask me if I get “bored.” Then I ask, “I’m sorry, do I what?” and they continue, “You know, with your husband at work all day and you’re just at home and you don’t have any kids…don’t you get bored?”

*Blank Stare*

“I’m sorry, do I what?”

If you’re curious, no, I don’t get “bored”. I’m not sure I even know what that word means. It was like a curse word growing up. If we went to our parents and whined, “I’m borrrrrred” they were quick to say, “Great! Go [insert chore here]!” Then we would say, “No, no!!” and they would graciously say, “Then go find something to do.” Needless to say, we found things to do. I guess that’s why I’m never bored. I always find something to do.

I felt this “bored-ness” creeping on the other day and I was like, I don’t want to do the dishes…so I didn’t.

Instead I cut up this old tank dress that I got from Urban Outfitters like, a year ago. I failed to take a before picture because I didn’t think I would do a post about it. Oops. So it looks like this, except white, longer, cheaper, and with pockets.  I thought I would love it more, but it turned out not so much. It just didn’t fit right at all and it was on clearance so I couldn’t return it. Since, it has just been sitting in a box full of stuff that I don’t fit/wear anymore.

I love ruffles and I see ruffle shirts/tanks everywhere and I’m like, I can totally do that!

But I don’t. Until I felt the bored-ness coming on. and to avoid doing chores like I learned as a child I found something to do! I chopped off the bottom 3/4 of the dress and made a crop tank out of the top. Then I used the bottom of the dress to make ruffles! Then I sewed them on. Ta-da! Ruffle tank. I know just what shirt I’m going to wear with it (desert sand color)…I just haven’t bought one yet 🙂


3 thoughts on “Boredom?

  1. There is no boredom. There is the stuff I have to do, and there is the stuff I’d rather do. Boredom is not an option.

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