The Roof

Wow, okay so we lost the ability to connect to the internet for awhile. Basically, the same old stuff so far: demolition! The roof has been the main project this week and we had awesome family that came and helped! Those who weren’t allowed on the roof (me, being prego and all) helped with clean up and making food!

ripping off the shingles

Day Two


Break time for 4th of July Pancake Breakfast!

Logan and Erica

clean up

so cute!

Nathanael and Mark

Treasure found in the yard

Baby praying mantis!

Real baby!!

Okay so what I really don’t understand is this picture:


One of the nieces was destroying the wall and all of a sudden everyone heard glass shatter so they called me in and we discovered a window, complete with glass (this picture is after the glass and window frame have been taken out). The people who lived here before us (which was about ten years ago and no one has lived in it since) added onto the house…but when they did that they ENCLOSED THE OUTSIDE WINDOW INSIDE THEIR WALLS. Wut?


5 thoughts on “The Roof

  1. Yup, nothing like discovering another man’s home improvement ethos. Enclosing a window is cheaper than re-framing the wall, but it isn’t super energy efficient.

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