Sad Face.

I figured out what happened to my camera: I took it outside to take a picture of this stool I’m *attempting* to strip, set it down…and left it out there. For two days. and two nights. Both of those nights? Yeah, it rained–like Tornado Watch rained. Soooo….I stuck it in some rice in an attempt to revive it, but I think it’s time I officially pronounce it dead. So. My beloved camera of five years, has kicked the can. Sigh.

The great thing is that my darling has a “better” camera than mine “anyway”. So we got to take some pictures of the demolition yesterday. We knocked out the kitchen walls (only 9ish more rooms to go!) and took a picture of our sweet work attire…but for some reason I can’t get his SD card to work on my computer? So that’s lame.

I don’t want to leave you picture-less though, so I’ll just share what I started working on yesterday while I was waiting for My Honeypie to come home. Yes, that’s the husband’s official name in my phone. Anyway, I have these clothes that I don’t fit/wear anymore and I didn’t want to give them away so I decided to make Baby a quilt! Out of some of my old clothes, yes.

old skirt

old skirt that is just too short. yes there is such a thing as too short.

Old flannel pjs from a thrift store

all of the other squares are from remnants at the store

the owl

That’s what’s up. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to get those pictures on my computer. Loves!



2 thoughts on “Sad Face.

  1. fun stuff! I like the owl. sad about the camera, though. I used the rice trick on my phone that got dropped in a dish sink of soapy water. It worked, but it took like three weeks.

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