Shelves and Spice

I was wandering around an antique store in town looking for a chandelier to put in my kitchen, but instead I found a couple of glass bottles to put my spices in. I heart spices! Eventually I want to have enough bottles in my kitchen for my spices to be like this:


Except for my bottles are going to be all different sizes and on an open shelf, like the shelves below:


But longer. That’s what we’re shooting for anyway.

I also found these: and I thought, how excellent would it be to use these for an extra design element in between shelves? I think most! Since we’re only in the demolition stage I am putting off buying them. Just in case I change my mind.


Nineteen Forty Four

It turns out the SD cards have a little slide-y thing on the side that keeps certain computers (mine) from reading the card. All you have to do is slide the little gray rectangle and boom! Pictures all of a sudden show up on your computer that weren’t there before. Weird. So I got our pictures! but then I totally forgot to bring my camera again last night, so I took some not so awesome pictures with the Iphone.

From two days ago:

kitchen beforekitchen beforekitchen after--that cloudy stuff? it's all the nasty dust

you can tell what wall i did because after a certain point i’m too short to reach!